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C.D.S.'s Cryogenic Deflashing and Deburring Systems are all designed and built to meet the most exacting demands of the industry. We have facilitated high productivity with a significant reduction in operational costs. Our systems are versatile, encompassing the needs to deflash a wide range of material and sizes. 

Our state-of-the-art programmable computer with memory capacity for up to 9999 on board programs allows you to select cycle parameter of temperature, time, tumble speed and media velocity. Bar coding further simplifies operation by unskilled personnel, while expanding on-board memory to near infinite capacity for thousands of part configurations.
(Note: Available on SSB models only).

The high performance throw wheel assembly can be set to reach throw wheel speeds of 20,000 RPM's. This feature allows the operator to run a majority of parts with shorter cycle times than industry standards. It also gives the operator the ability to throw a smaller particle faster to clean small delicate inner and outer diameter surfaces.

Units are constructed with stainless steel inner blast chamber fully insulated with rigid polyurethane foam. LN2 consumption is significantly reduced by decreasing cool-down time and steady state heat loss.

Simple to install-in minutes, not hours.


SB-10 Table Top System
0.5 Cubic Foot

SSB-12 Upright, Free Standing
1.0 Cubic Foot

SSB-16 Upright, Free Standing
1.5 Cubic Foot

SSB-30 Upright, Free Standing
   5.0 Cubic Foot Basket

Continuous Deflashing Machines
Continuous through put cryogenic deflashing and deburring systems

Custom Designed Deflashing and Deburring Machines
Let our engineering staff build a custom cryogenic deflashing and deburring machine for your unique size parts and production.

We also offer a full line of Cryogenic Deflashing Media


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