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Continuous Feed Thru™


  • Analog Controls
  • Electric Power Drive
  • Continuous Feed Thru
  • High Velocity Impact
  • Media/Flash Separation
  • Digital RPM Displays



  • Easy Operation
  • Increased Production Runs
  • Decreased scrap Ratio
  • Adaptable to Product Size
  • Versatile Applications
  • Easy Maintenance Access



  • Complex Rubber Medical Parts
  • Precision Elastomeric Parts
  • R & D Part Runs
  • Complex ElectronicParts
  • Aerospace Products
  • Zinc & Aluminum Die Castings
  • Automotive Rubber Parts

Pictured above is one of many continuous, in-line cryogenic deflashing systems that CDS built for specific rubber parts to meet large production throughput. All machines have provided significant reduction in labor costs and provided clean, useable parts at a considerable savings over previous deflashing procedures.

Pictured above is an open view of the Continuous Feed Thru system showing the blast chamber and the throw wheel at the top. Pictured below is the media and flash Separator. On the bottom the blast chamber is open to show in-line conveyor that has been tailored to a specific rubber product.

Open view of conveyor on / part transport style.

NOTE: Dimensions will vary according to customers specifications and product type.
Length 15Ft.
Height 70"
Depth (Doors Closed) 43"

Power Requirements:
220 VAC, 3 Phase 20 AMP, 50/60 HZ, grounded.
Media Throwing Wheels: Multiple
6" Diameter with a speed range to 20,000 RPM for high velocity impact. Motor is an Electric Brush less/DC, with Direct Drive hook-up and matching Controller Board.
Media/Flash Separator:
Housed in the lower compartment for separating media, flash and fine particles.
Liquid Nitrogen at -320º F. at 50 PSIG maximum.
Gaseous Nitrogen:
Using an ambient vaporizer (500 scfh) to create GN
2 for the media assist system.
Cycle timer, 0 to 60 minutes. Digital temperature controller with set point and actual temperature display. Throwing wheel speed control dials, digital readout tachometer for throwing wheel speed and conveyor speed.
Media Flow System:
Gaseous Nitrogen or Clean/Dry Shop Air (40/45 PSIG).
Media Type:
System can operate utilizing any plastic blast media.
2" Thick rigid, high density polyurethane foam for cold containment around inner blast chamber.

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