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How it works

Rubber and plastic parts are placed in a stainless steel parts basket, which rotates in a blast chamber evenly exposing all parts to the blast media. The chamber is insulated with rigid polyurethane foam to ensure stable temperatures.

Liquid nitrogen lowers the interior temperature, freezing the flashing to make it brittle. Use of high-purity, moisture-free nitrogen eliminated the need for a dryer and prevents part contamination due to moisture.

The high-speed impeller shoots polycarbonate plastic pellets into the chamber. Traveling at high speeds, these pellets cleanly trim off the inner and outer diameter flashing of parts in one operation.

The unit is fully enclosed to minimize ambient noise levels. Blast media and flash can be separated and recovered for reuse.

Benefits of This Unique Process

Greater Productivity

Cryogenic deflashing trims parts in seconds. This is much faster than chemical stripping, molten salt baths, incineration, rotary tumbling, and hand sanding. As a result, more parts can be deflashed in less time.

Better Product Quality

The high temperature of molten salt baths and incineration can distort parts. Cryogenic deflashing keeps parts cold to preserve their integrity. Use of plastic blast media prevents the scratching caused by hand sanding and blasting with abrasives such as sand, steel shot, aluminum oxide, or glass beads.

Environmentally Sound

The nitrogen cryogen can be recycled or vented safely to the atmosphere. The use of toxic chemicals and the problems associated with their disposal are completely eliminated. In addition, cryogenic deflashing systems are typically enclosed to minimize noise.

Improved Plant Safety

Cryogenic deflashing prevents the splashing that can occur when using a molten bath. It also gets rid of toxic chemical fumes and dust associated with chemical stripping and manual deflashing.

Simple Operation

Highly automated, today's cryogenic deflashing equipment is easy to use. Cryogenic systems can be configured to deflash rubber, plastic and metal products in a wide range of materials, sizes, and shapes. Compact design permits installation even when space is limited.

Custom Deflashing

We do offer custom deflashing. We charge by the per load basis. A load (amount of parts) will be established once we receive your parts. We can also estimate the amount of parts, if you fax us a drawing/sketch prior to sending in the parts.

Sample Deflashing Tests

We invite you to send us some of your parts for sample deflashing tests. This will enable you to review the quality of deflashing our equipment can achieve. In order for us to establish parameters for the parts you send, please identify each, by your part number, the main compound used in the manufacturing, along with a finished or Q.C. example. We use this as a guide to your expected quality level.



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